Corset Makers' Workshop

part 1       Part 2 coming on Friday, October 19th      Part 3 coming on Saturday, October 20th      Part 4 coming on Sunday, October 21st


Part 1: Secrets of the Victorian Corsetmakers

with Luca Costigliolo of the School of Historical Dress

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Gillian Vincent
Please Luca! Make more 1870s! Its my absolute favourite era! I am currently starting my own 1870s dress project, starting with a corset!
His joy and love for the field of study glows off of him. I feel so happy to see that the art is in such good hands.
Anajah Raigne
Wonderful listening to Luca. It makes you realize that no matter who you are, you can be whoever or whatever you desire. Thanks so much! Very inspiring!

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