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Being Editor of Foundations Revealed is a role right at the centre of the corset making and costume making worlds. You will be working with skilled artisans worldwide to create weekly learning materials that will help makers build their skills and confidence, but it's much more than that.


About Foundations Revealed

In 2017 Foundations Revealed and Your Wardrobe Unlock'd are re-combining into a single Membership community. A new, state of the art interactive website is being built, and we're shifting focus... from the "magazine" that entertains first and educates second... to a unique, eccentric online school that is committed to helping its Members get results. Imagine what a sewing department at Hogwarts might feel like...

We are updating and expanding our Community with Mentors, live coaching, and maximum interactivity, but our focus remains on helping enthusiastic makers to recreate truly individual clothing that's rooted in the past, with an emphasis on demystifying corset making.

We have always covered a very ambitious range of projects and eras. Since the community will now place corsetmaking at its core, it will now take the overall name Foundations Revealed.

I like to call it Foundations Revealed 2.0. And FR 2.0 needs a new Editor.


About the Editor's role

Being Editor of Foundations Revealed is a public role right at the centre of the corsetmaking and costume making worlds. You will be working with skilled artisans worldwide to create weekly learning materials that will help makers build their skills and confidence, but it's much more than that.

Your choices about what to publish - and what not to publish - have unrivalled influence in our world. Your editorial decisions tell people what's important, what's hot and what's not. Your decisions will identify the rising stars, and support the careers of those who are already successful. Your skills in producing world class learning materials will both elevate individual makers - both students and teachers - and push forward an art form as a whole.

You will literally hold the future of corsetry and costume making in your capable hands.

But it's not about ruling from on high... it's about supporting from beneath.

Foundations Revealed is a platform on which the hopeful artist depends to learn, to grow and to shine. You will be deeply involved in our Community, always listening for students' needs and challenges - both the external challenges that they ask out loud ("How do I stop this corset wrinkling?"), and the internal challenges that hold them back every day ("How can I turn this project around when I just want to give up?") Alongside Cathy and the Mentors, you will be an additional mother hen who nurtures, encourages and gives sewists the safe cocoon they need in which to grow their creative wings and fly.



  • Commissioning weekly lessons for Foundations Revealed. Curation of, and responsibility for, keeping the weekly schedule updated and interesting (ie the timetable of upcoming new content).
  • Proactively working with teachers well ahead of time to ensure they produce clear, interesting, professional lessons that summarise the essentials and provide room for students to grow. You will then tweak the result if necessary. In practice, depending on the writer, "tweaking" can range from a couple of typos to massaging an article that reads like a blog post into a useful lesson that's focussed more on the student than the teacher. You'll need to be ready to do either.
  • Scheduling and hosting monthly coaching calls in which our Members can talk to the Mentors and get their sewing problems solved in person.
  • Community manager in our closed Members Club - think of this like being the host of a party, responsible for ensuring that everyone's happy and has a drink in their hand, and no-one feels left out or ignored.
  • Working with Cathy and the Mentors to steer future content strategy based on user needs.


How does this role relate to Cathy's role?

Cathy is the captain of the ship. You're the first mate.

I would love to be able to perform both roles, but Foundations Revealed deserves someone who is dedicated solely to the content we publish and to ensuring that the students and teachers are well cared for. I will continue to steer our overall direction and lead the business, dealing with administration, financial issues, sales and marketing and so on.

In other words, I am ultimately responsible for the overall direction of our content, and I will direct and support you in terms of the overall experience, but you will be my right hand person who can devote all their energy to the details of the students' and teachers' experience.


Skills and experience

  • You will be able to demonstrate an ability to plan ahead, as well as absolute reliability. In ten years we have published a new article every single week without fail; you will be responsible for keeping that 100% record clean for our paying students.
  • You will need to demonstrate clearly that you have the personal bandwidth to give to this role (a minimum dedicated 15-20 hours/week). Your heart, not just a stolen hour here and there, needs to be invested in FR.
  • You will be skilled in balancing teachers' and students' needs as an interactive community - both what the students want and need to learn, and the research that the teachers want to develop.
  • Editing experience - not just spelling and grammar, but elegant sentence structure, and organisation of information into useful learning materials.
  • Teaching experience - FR has been entertaining its audience, magazine style, for ten years, and at its best it has provided useful content that teaches. With our 2017 reboot, we are shifting focus more strongly to teaching - our no.1 priority is to help makers get results. A background in teaching will give the new Editor the right mindset with which to change creative lives.
  • Writing and/or copywriting experience - it will be up to you to introduce the teachers' work in a way that is compelling and interesting, keeping Members engaged and excited about pushing out of their comfort zones and trying new techniques. This means having a careful focus on how lessons begin and end - the intro can make or break a piece, and you'll need to be able to set it up in a compelling way.
  • Online publishing experience - Familiarity with presenting regular, engaging content online to a professional standard. Wordpress experience is helpful.
  • Research skills - you will be a talent scout, looking for new potential teachers in the crowd, and unearthing interesting sources of research and lines of enquiry for teachers to explore. But most of all, you will always be synthesising the incoming information from students about what they need from us, and turning those requests into new materials.
  • You will have skills of your own in corsetmaking (historical and modern) and historical costume making. I'm looking for someone who sees how the two worlds fit together and can grow better when they work together.
  • You will need to demonstrate vision in terms of where this art form is going, and the confidence to lead it there.
  • You will be a lover of people who finds it rewarding to connect, encourage, and support others.


Remuneration will depend on experience, and will correspond with the success of the business as a whole - as we do better and better, you will do better and better. This is a part time role that could become full time in future for the right person.

Enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Sunday 23rd July at midnight, PDT with a resume/CV, references and discussion/evidence in the above "Experience" areas. Creative applications are welcome - how will you stand out from the crowd?

I look forward to working with you!

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