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How to make a corset - click here for more

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Hand Tooled Leather Corsetry 3

icon smHigh quality leather work of this kind is recognisable by its well-finished edge. Rebecca takes us through the process.

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How To Write A Business Plan: Step 1

How to Write a Business Plan by Rosie DenningtonRosie guides you step by step through the process of writing a business plan of high enough quality to present to a bank or loan company.

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Corset Design and Embellishment 2

Corset Design and Embellishment 2 by Patricia RichardsonWe all appreciate a pleasing balance, rhythm, and harmony intuitively - but how do you use them consciously when designing corsetry?

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Hand Tooled Leather Corsetry 2

Hand Tooled Leather Corsetry 2 by Rebecca HedgesRebecca explains the tools of leatherwork by taking you through an example of carving leather. Follow along and try a new skill!

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So You Think You Want A Business?

So You Think You Want A Business? by Rosie DenningtonRosie discusses the pleasures and pitfalls of going it alone, and helps you decide whether running your own business is right for you.

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Hip Fins

ISO in Scarlett by Narrowed VisionsA hip fin is an external structural embellishment that typically sits over the hip of the corset. Nikki gives us the details on how to get it there!

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