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About Foundations Revealed

Above: Katerina Vuksic's Diagonal Seamed Corset: Part 1 of the complete details of how to make it are now FREE to view at Foundations Revealed.

If you've tried making corsets but you're frustrated with your results so far, online corsetmaking magazine Foundations Revealed™ is going to rock your world.

Foundations gives you all the resources you need to make better corsets - not just how to make passable corsets, but how to make excellent corsets.

We believe there's a place on the Internet for more in-depth instruction than you can get for free, updated with a new class of the same calibre every Saturday, and our membership - still growing relentlessly, despite the economic climate - is proof that many makers agree.

We've just made a lot more of our resources free for everyone to use, so that you can better your work and get a taste of what we do in more depth. 


I hope that these newly free articles will help you in your corsetmaking, taking the skills of the past and applying them to the future. They'll demonstrate what we do, the level of detail that members get for their money, and perhaps even tempt you to become a member and get all the corsetmaking help and instruction your heart desires (ie access to everything we've ever published, plus a new article in this much depth every Saturday!)

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