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What people are saying about Foundations Revealed

This is one of the best sites on the net. It represents what the net can do - make available quality and usable information for everyone. Keep up the exceptional work!

Marlene Hobart, via Facebook

I joined Foundations Revealed earlier this year and it's the best investment I've made in learning to make corsets.


Hannah, UK

Hi. I am a complete newbie to your site, Foundations Revealed, and so far, I LOVE IT!!!!! I am learning SO much!!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!! Have been reading thru so many articles. So much info to take in. I have delved into the cording article. Awesome :) Thanks so much and keep up the incredible work!!!!

Jill, Florida, USA

Thank you for all your hard work making these two fabulous sites! It is easy to overlook just how much work is done by bloggers, forum admins, etc. Every time I visit your sites, I'm just amazed by what a fabulous resource you provide.

Miranda, UK


I'd like to take the opportunity to say again how much I love and appreciate Foundations Revealed. I made my first corset (from a commercial pattern) earlier this year and thanks to the encouragement and tutorials on your website, I am now hooked! I am in the middle of my third corset I have drafted myself and it's so much more fun than making from a pattern. I've also recently found the confidence to post my corsets online on my own Facebook page. All thanks to you and the great contributors to FR, especially your Corsetmaking Revolution article which set me drafting my own patterns.

Hannah, UK

Thank you. And thank you for such wonderful pages. I've let just about every costumer that I know, professional or otherwise know about them.

Mary, Florida, USA

I have to tell you how much I love this site. Not only is the information incredible, but the feeling of sharing and community is so lovely. It is so rare in a world where professional techniques are kept secret and business advice is hard to come by. Thanks so much fo a great website!

Emma, Australia

I subscribed to the websites this weekend and I am amazed and dazzled by the content within. Fantastic work!

Noelle, CA, USA

How kind of you to email me. When I receive your updates it's like receiving email from a friend. Thank you for that...

Prentice, PA, USA

It's amazing how the site feels like good friends. Your kind response is proof that I am correct.

Sherry, OK, USA

I love both sites and have grown from both of them. [They] have made me feel less alone about my passion and about my experience level, and have helped to bridge the gaps [in which] I have been lacking. For this I thank you and the entire staff.

Margaret, Illinois, USA

I really did not know whether to resub or not as I have been too busy to read all the content
soooo happy I did
the bra cutting course was wonderful
more please if you can
with all the vintage stuff going on vintage undies are in demand-I can cut stuff like bias petticoats and french knickers from the twenties onwards but am shaky on bras
wonderful stuff
my head is reeling from the wonderful info
so many thanks
love to you all

Jane, UK

When I first signed up I didnt realised how addicted you could get to your webpages :P

Elisie, Sweden

I also wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job with Your Wardrobe Unlock'd and Foundations Revealed. The content isn't always what I'm looking for, but the quality is always impeccable! I've come to understand how much work goes into planning and maintaining a website like this, keeping it updated and fresh, and making sure we get new articles on a regular basis. It's a hard job, and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate that you and Marion are willing to put so much effort into it. As a dressmaker, my skills have grown and improved specifically because of what I've learned here. A lot of it is information you can't find elsewhere.

Lisha Vidler, USA

There's lots of information on the internet for free, but the nice thing about THIS site is the consistent quality. No need to worry about whether or not the method suggested is actually going to work appropriately. I'd rather be able to go to one source and find trustworthy information from people who've been "vetted" by the pros.

Kay, Missouri



I found myself squarely in the "can't afford it" camp for the longest time. Back in March, i received a free month's subscription to FR for submitting an interview - i immediately understood why subscribers pay for access, and i've been subscribing ever since!

[and no, i'm not being paid to say this.. it's just true!]

Sandra, Canada

I think you are fabulous,... when i was recently asked by a desperate girl in New Zealand for help, I came across your Foundations Revealed site, brilliant, brilliant brilliant! I have send her your details... what you're doing is great, I really do feel the same as you and many others, that we want to share and spread the craft of corset making, and sewing in general... Had a quick read through of your corset how-to guide, and it was great, only wish there was something like that around when I was learning, would have been much quicker! All the best and keep up the good work.

Janice, Uptight Clothing, UK

I would LOVE to thank you for actually getting back to me. Every other site hostess I've emailed in regards to their tutorial just gave me something along the lines of "I'm too busy being amazing. Go away." So you rock my socks. Hands down!!

Chance, California, USA

Thanks for taking care of this [refund, following a clerical error]! Although I wouldn't have minded credit...I'm never, ever, ever giving up my subscription! You'll have to bar the doors and throw rocks at me to get me to leave. ;)

Jonna, Oregon, USA

The first article I opened was Reproducing the Skeleton Corset Busk, and i can already say money well spent!

Anthony, Georgia, USA

FR certainly doesn't disappoint - lots of answers in the articles to things I have often wondered about. Have had a really enjoyable time over this weekend reading - really really great - congratulations again. It is so good to realise that there are others out there who are just as picky and agonise over every detail - which has just reminded me of a question I want to post!

Lorna, Scotland

Cathy, the new site is FABULOUS! Far exceeded my expecations. Congratulations.

Elizabeth, California

Thank you... from a beginner, you make it less daunting

Lorri, California

Thank you Cathy! What a fast response :) I already read some of the articles and I like them very much!!!!! Keep up the good work :)

Yessica, Netherlands

What wonderful service! No stress. Thanks for keeping me posted.

Joanne, California

Wow, you’re GOOD! And FAST! And not just in the artistry of costumes area…

Trisha, California

All the corset drafting instructions I studied previously were bewildering to me----I am not blessed with a mathematical brain. Your method makes SENSE to me. I had come to believe that I would never be able to draft my own patterns----I know now that I can and I shall. I can never thank you enough and will be honored to join your masterclasses.... It's inspiring that your meticulous care and research as well as that of your collaborators have been generous enough to share this hands on information. I think it preserves interest in the recreation of period looks, and adding the important under layer is exciting stuff!

Anonymous survey response

I think it's fantastic that you're doing this... because this is a good and worthwhile project that deserves the support of a widespread community.

Anonymous survey response

Love the content BTW... if you don't get the numbers you need I'm happy to pay double. Thanks again for the great customer service. - David, UK

yes ! your reply was exactly what I wanted to know! I appreciate your quick response, you are truly a professional and your gregarious nature is warmly felt!

Jennifer, Nevada, USA

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