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This is a list of all the articles we've ever published, all in one place, from the most recent backwards.

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Hip Fins

ISO in Scarlett by Narrowed VisionsA hip fin is an external structural embellishment that typically sits over the hip of the corset. Nikki gives us the details on how to get it there!

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Hand Tooled Leather Corsetry 1

Hand tooled leather corset by Absolute Devotion CorsetsEver admired hand tooled leather corsetry? Here's how to select, purchase, and plan corsets with it, for those who are more used to fabric.

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Latex basics - Part 1: Latex care

icon smMelanie schools us in the joys of latex clothing, including proper latex care, how to wear latex, and the basic equipment for working with it.

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Corsetry for Larger Women

Corsetry for Larger Women by Rosie DenningtonHeaven forbid we have to design or cut for a waist over 26”. As the body gets fatter, it becomes impossible to work with, right? Wrong.

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Corset Design and Embellishment 1

icon smLearn how to use key elements and principles of design to create a balanced, professional look in all your corsetry and fashion work.

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Reviewing Your Creative Year

icon smHow to review your year with a positive, loving attitude, even if it wasn't great, and use it as a springboard into the coming creative year.

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Draft a Symington Corset Pattern

icon smIt's fun to play with the original Symington Victorian corset patterns - but here, for the first time anywhere, is how to draft one yourself.

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How To Make A Bobbinet Corset

icon smTips and advice for working with bobbinet, a sheer, strong, tulle-like fabric that's a surprisingly delicate-looking choice for corsetry.

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Symington Corset Pattern 23160

icon smApril covers the basics of making up our Competition 2016 pattern, with observations and suggestions to achieve a "modern" fit.

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