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Modern Corsets Inspired by the Past

Modern Corsets Inspired by the Past by Sannie van der HorstAs modern corsetmakers we are all inspired by the past. Sannie shows how historical examples can inspire your way of making corsets.

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Latex basics - Part 2

Latex basics part 2 by Melanie BussMelanie tackles how to buy materials for working with latex, as well as some basic gluing and seaming skills, and safety advice you need.

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1908 Corset Breveté Part 1

1908 Corset Breveté Part 1 by Nikki SwiftThis very unusual French corset with detachable bra sparks interesting new ideas for modern makers. Is this the new Sanakor?

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How To Write A Business Plan: Step 2

How To Write a Business Plan: Step 2 by Rosie DenningtonContinue writing your high quality business plan by focusing on the tactical and marketing aspects of the business.

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Playboy Club Bunny Suit 1

Playboy Club Bunny Suit by Mark GarbarczykIn "The Curious Case of the Bifurcated Cottontail", detective Mark deciphers and develops a pattern for the Playboy Club Bunny Suit.

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Black/Yellow Symington Corset 31300

Black/Yellow Symington Corset 31300 by Michelle FitzgeraldEver wanted to make that black and yellow beauty from Symingtons? Michelle finds the matching pattern and shows you how!

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Hand Tooled Leather Corsetry 3

icon smHigh quality leather work of this kind is recognisable by its well-finished edge. Rebecca takes us through the process.

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How To Write A Business Plan: Step 1

How to Write a Business Plan by Rosie DenningtonRosie guides you step by step through the process of writing a business plan of high enough quality to present to a bank or loan company.

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Corset Design and Embellishment 2

Corset Design and Embellishment 2 by Patricia RichardsonWe all appreciate a pleasing balance, rhythm, and harmony intuitively - but how do you use them consciously when designing corsetry?

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