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Push-Up Overbust Corset

icon-smBarbara explains ways of creating a push-up overbust corset, including important parameters that influence the position of the bust and how to modify them.

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soundbrigade 02.03.2013 12:04  
Yes No   I have two issues on my desk - how to alter a corset to avoid a "fleshy bulg" at the lower edge due to pressing softer tissue downwards and how to make a lift.
The second problem is hereby solved and am very happy for the info given in this article.
Just recently I got some patterns from a company called Bra-Makers Supply and when checking their website there were many foam cups to pick from. Guess there are many more companies like this one.
The address:

royalblack 02.03.2013 12:22  
Yes No   Thank you for that link, Magnus!
Looks like an excellent source for readymade push-up pads.
lisaarmstrong 02.03.2013 12:05  
Yes No   Fantastic article! I find busts are always the trickist part of any corset so this is really good info, looking forward to applying some of the principals to my next corset!  
Barbara 02.03.2013 12:21  
Yes No   I'm glad you enjoyed the article, Lisa.
Good luck with your next corset! :)
lynnevv 02.03.2013 12:41  
Yes No   Wonderful explanation of the bust seams! Thanks!  
morbid_princess122 02.03.2013 13:01  
Yes No   This is exactly what I needed!!
I've been experimenting with a half finished corset that was rushed for an event, but never finished because the bust just looked truly horrible. I just couldn't get the push-up effect quite right no matter what I seemed to do.
I did add bust pads, but now I know where I was going wrong with them too!

Now I look forward to finishing off this hopefully no longer frustrating corset.
artemisia 02.03.2013 14:44  
Yes No   Very useful!!

I also add that, in my opinion, a straight bustline is better than, say, a sweetheart or a plunge for a very little bust: I don't know if it's just me, but I find that a curvy line can distract and make it harder to notice those two little mounds over there :-)

I'm trying to make a push up corset for my sister (she's THIN! her measures are: 76-70-76) and this article is just what I needed!
kathtea 02.03.2013 14:53  
Yes No   Thank you!!!  
sara 02.03.2013 15:33  
Yes No   This is a very thorny issue demystified. Thank you SO MUCH for a great article.  
beespoke 02.03.2013 22:20  
Yes No   Loved and Needed this article. I was really interested in the removable padding which helps quite a bit in mastectomy or partial mastectomy remedies. Wasn't quite sure how to go about it. Thank you.  
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