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Re-creating the 1913 E. F. Hume Corset

icon-smKelly outlines the process of recreating this low-busted early 20th century corset from the original 1913 patent and pattern through to flossing and garters.

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galadriel 16.02.2013 01:04  
Yes No   I love the fancy patterned coutil <3 I have loads of it ready for a project at some point in the future. This is beautiful - great job :D  
araneablack 16.02.2013 01:46  
Yes No   Wonderful! The use of this coutil combined with amazing lace decoration and those fun suspenders really looks breathtaking!
Interpretation of the pattern is really good. On the paper the pattern doesn't look this great. You made me want to try this pattern for myself.
urbanseamstress 16.02.2013 07:59  
Yes No   This is beautiful and exactly the kind of shape I had in mind trying myself! Thanks! :)  
kathtea 16.02.2013 09:20  
Yes No   This is unique! I LOVE IT!  
beespoke 20.02.2013 14:00  
1913 EF Hume Yes No   Love the fit! You've also done a wonderful job with scaling! And the lace works beautifully with this corset. Kudos and thank you for an interesting and great article. :)  
foxworthy 23.02.2013 22:24  
Yes No   Very pretty!  
bestinterests 28.12.2013 20:25  
1913 pattern Yes No   Love this look and very timely! I didn't see a pdf of the pattern pieces to import into adobe, will you post it?  
kcercone 29.12.2013 18:36  
Yes No   Thank you, a pdf version of the patent is available here:

Happy sewing!
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