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There was a time when nobody around me "got" my love of sewing unusual clothing. I even won an award for how "badly" I dressed. What did I do about it? I kept going anyway (even when it hurt.)


hey there, love the video. It's inspirational and true! And you're too cute. :) Thanks so much,
Bee Glasford
OMG I have just watched your video sitting in a hospital bed recovering from a bad bout of flu. I was already thinking about how I could change my life doing the one thing that makes me me. Thank you thank you thank you for the rest of my life now I know I'm going to do it. I know everyone will think I am crazy to leave a successful job as a Manager of a nursery but my soul does not sing when I go to work. It sings when I create and sew. I remember a time when my children were young and forgetting to pick them up from pre-school lol. Thank God I had good neighbours. Thank you so much again will let you know how I get on x
Cathy, I have admired your work ever since I sat in on one of your presentations at CoCo in Los Angeles years ago. You are pretty amazing, and I salute you for your forthright bravery in disclosing the "underside" of how things often evolve. Keep up the wonderful work! I look forward to seeing the next astonishing project to come off the runway ... With best regards
Cameron McLaughlin
Cathy--I am a US subscriber. Your honest and heartfelt videos about living a creative life go well beyond the technical help we get from the site. You have greatly inspired me, and your approach is both very personal and unique. Please keep doing what you are doing..

I hope in the future you will provide suggestions for those who do restoration work and have heirloom needlework. Outside the UK it's difficult to find museums and resources for preserving and archiving precious and very old textiles. I recently acquired some corsets and two gowns from the 1870s that someone was going to discard (!!!!). I hope you will consider expanding into helping people preserve and recreate historically important textiles outside the UK.

Keep up with the videos. I am watching, and I'm certain others are deriving encouragement and support from you.

Gasp! Heels and jeans!?!?
I am glad you forged through the difficult times to wind up here encouraging us!

Miranda van der Merwe
Overcoming obstacles and discouragement in sewing for yourself are many and varied, especially for beginners. You have touched on a reason to persevere. Thank you
I needed to hear this today. I got so many wonderful responses on the dress I made to go with the beautiful decay corset but which one stuck? Exactly the one were someone said I could have done so much more with the theme... Sigh I like the simplicity and keeping the focus on the corset, so I did it anyway. But it is no easy feat to ignore the haters. Thank you Cathy you are an inspiration.
Great video!! Thanks for the inspiration ❤️
Absolutely brilliant and spot-on. I was called all kinds of things as a teenager—“Snow White,” “Little House Girl,” “Anne Shirley”—for my retro dressing, but it didn’t stop me from making more things inspired by history. And I’m so glad my parents cheered when peers sneered. Having at least a couple of people in your corner makes all the difference. And you are connecting likeminded people together so beautifully on Foundations and YWU. Go, you!
Jorgen Bergersen
For me listening to you is like hearing a divine voice from above!
You are the elevation!
Love J

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