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Laurie-TavanI wanted to make something with strong lines incorporating exterior casings, lace, and flossing. The corset itself draws from many historical examples, is fairly traditional, and it was fun to pair it with a very modern neck corset with radiating boning channels.

For both pieces I started with a very plain tan base of coutil and played with black boning channels to create the patterns. The neck corset was my first ever, it looks a little worn in this photo as it was lent out for an underwater photoshoot, but it still shows off the design. Having never made one, I started by draping the pattern on my mannequin and created a one layer tan coutil base, then played with different ideas for the boning channels. 

Originally I was going to connect the neck corset to the main corset via the boning channels, but decided to leave it separate so that I could pair it with the other two corsets I've made in this fabric combo (when I work on new ideas I tend to do trios in the same theme or colour combo). The corset was actually a pattern from one of my recent clients with large hip spring which I thought would work really well for this project. So for her mock-up I played with adding boning channels closer together at the front, radiating outward up towards the bust, adding in some angled pieces at the back that I have seen in historical examples, so this is probably the fanciest "mock-up" I've ever made!    

I found this lovely vintage piece of lace, and chose not to clean it because I liked how close the colour match was to the tan coutil. I worried that if I removed the orangey looking stains the lace might come out a much lighter colour and no longer coordinate; as is, I think it worked well. I wove a thin black ribbon through the lace and made a pretty bow at center front in radiating loops. During a trip to Italy I took the corset with me and worked on the airplane, trains, and in Cortona on the flossing details. I had so much fun with creating little geometric radiating lines on the black boning channels in tan cotton embroidery floss. I feel like it is a bit architectural with a touch of softness from the fractal geometric patterning of the lace.

The corset is currently off with a long distance client , as it was indeed a "mock-up" so I don't have the corset back until next week and do not have any photos on a body that it fits, but I hope you can see all the details nonetheless. I'll add photos to my blog as soon as I do a photoshoot. Please forgive me the blurry iphone photo of the finished back! The only other shot I have is an in-progress one.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the results.

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Laurie Tavan Laurie Tavan Laurie Tavan

Hi Laurie!

What a beautiful corset you have made! I love it. Well done. All the entries are inspiring! I hope to make my very first corset one day soon and enter this fab competition. Good luck!


Gorgeous! I love how curvy the hips look even when laying flat.
This is inspiring. It truly looks like it is from another era, I love your choice of embellishment.
The lace matches your design perfectly. Love the black grommets and lacing at the back too - they go so well with the bold dark channels!
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