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FR Comp logo beginner RFor this corset, I focused on the senses of sight and touch. This is the second corset I've ever made so it's probably lacking in a lot of technique, but I focused more on the theme than on being historical, which made it a little easier I believe. I did use a 1910 pattern from this article for inspiration.

For Touch I wanted to use some different fabrics that I wouldn't be able to use in a historical one. I lined the inside with a pink flannel to get the soft inside and layered the outside pieces with brown lace to get the rough, textured surface on the outside.

For Sight I layered the brown lace over white cotton base pieces, but I chose the pink lining specifically because it very lightly shows through the corset and gives a nice complementary color to the brown lace and the cranberry colored ribbon trim. I played with the different colors pinking through to bring about the overall look that I wanted, which was based around the idea of taste.

While I didn't focus on taste and there isn't anything to physically taste, throughout making this I based my color scheme on the thought of something chocolate with cranberries. The pink that lightly shows through the chocolate brown lace, and then specifically the cranberry colored ribbon trim, brings it all together to make me think of cranberries and chocolate.

This is really well made, particularly for your second ever corset. You should be proud of yourself! :)
Wonderful for your second ever corset, well done :-)
I like the beading lace at top with the cranberry ribbon, lovely detail.
This just looks cozy... I like your interesting choice of fabrics. It's a cute little corset. Well done.
Even though it's subtle, I definitely think your design idea of the chocolate and cranberries definitely shows through. I think it's really excellent for a second corset!
A very cohesive design. Well done on your second ever corset! :)
I love your colour combinations here, and the chocolate lace makes it beautifully girly. Well done!
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