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In accordance to the theme the five senses, I created a piece focused on sight. Radiance and brilliance is my main subject.

My process involves orthodox methods used in haute couture such as draping, TR patterns, and bead embroidery. Modern corsets usually involve vertical panels, but I recreated my pattern so the panels would be sewn diagonally.

A layer of washer organdy was added on the right side of the bust, glass organdy was added to the left. Please take note of how the different textures reflect light.

12,000 drops of four different colors of beads were used to create a difference in radiance and gradation of brilliance. By three dimensionally sewing beads I created depth in order to introduce an element of shadow and light.

The waist is composed of black, grey and silver fabric to create a gradation of light and shade.

3000 drops of beads and sequins were each three dimensionally sewn in a specific manner according to their color to engage and captivate. The silver sequins have an added layer of semi translucent aurora sequins, which allows my piece to have a different appearance depending on the angle it's viewed from.

I believe it took me at least one hundred hours to create this piece. I wanted to make a captivating corset with a lasting impact.

Dress Diary: page 1 ~ page 2 ~ page 3

So opulent, love all the surface embellishment used on this piece.
Wow! This is so beautiful. It must have taken a lot of time and patience to embellish. It's stunning.
Gorgeous! This piece screams "Audrey Hepburn" to me - elegant, beautiful, with a hint of mischief lurking under the surface. Very lovely!
Love the textures on this piece.
Adore the textural embellishment - those tendrils across the bust are so stunning!
Goodness... what a lot of work... this is just amazing! I adore it.
Wow! Your beading is fantastic;)
I usually don't like beads an sparkles, but here... They are so well organised together, that's a stunning piece of assymetric art, I really enjoy the sight of it!
Every Year I'm impatient to see your entry for the contest...Your creations are always so different with such a level of details and originality. This one is marvelous!
That would look totally in place on the red carpet. I love your sense of texture.
Spectacular work of asymmetry in your design and beading! I love it.
Oooh, this is a corset that needs to be touched. The photos are stunning, but I feel it would be even more special in real life. I can't imagine the time, skill and care that has gone into that beading and embellishment - it's a real labour of love and utterly beautiful.
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