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For the construction of the corset, my 20 pieces pattern (10 per side) is inspired by the 1913 E.F. Hume Corset. I added a bust coverage, 4 big hip gores, a high back construction and I shortened the length. For the fabrics, my main fashion layer is a printed cotton and green dupioni silk. The corset is interlined with herringbone coutil and lined with a bright red floating lining. It’s lightly boned on each seam including 18 flat and spirals bones in total. There is also a waist tape and modesty placket in the front busk.

The Five Senses:

Sight: The main sense I use was the sight. My fabric is an abstract painting of colorful strips of paint that creates a very vibrant and eye-catching effect. It was pattern-matched as well as possible to preserve the effect.

Taste & Touch: I combined the two together by sticking round jujube candy on the hip gores. I chose the colors that matched the fabric print best (and ate the other ones!). The candies also provide a texture on the hips.

Smell: Odor was represented on my self-made headpiece with artificial flowers infused with perfume. I originally wanted to incorporate theses flowers to the corset but it didn't turn out too well and were hence removed.

Hearing: I had no intention of adding sound to my corset until I found the headpiece jewelry. I found this inexpensive pendant at a store; it was originally part of a necklace but thought it would fit perfectly with the theme if it was on the forehead. I sewed it to my floral headband and now the chains make a sound when you move your head.

Dress Diary

I love the panelling and use of colour in this piece
This is really something special. Everything you have used works wonderfully together.
Really love the colour combinations here, gorgeous.
I love, love, love, this corset. Good job. Lots of creativity here.
The pattern matching is beautiful. Maybe you will add this style to your offerings
Maria Von Lilienstein
Gorgeous & creative! Love it!
Wow... Just stunning! :)
Jujube candy, huh? Cute idea. I love your ideas with the five senses. The corset is quite appealing. Really brings you in to inspect closer and find even more wonderful finds. Beautiful job!!!
Julianne, once again you've produced an extraordinary piece of corsetry. Style, fit, design, embellishment... it's all just perfect. I think a lot of us would be delighted to be just half as talented as you are.
I love this like all of Julianne's work!!
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