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The Hartman corset is a contemporary piece inspired by the distinctive patterning and aesthetic of the 1913 E.F. Hume corset. This is an experimental piece which has given me the space to play with cording and long-line corset patterning. The grungy photo-story that documents this corset is largely inspired by my fitting model Zee. For more information on the design, construction and documentation of this piece you can have a look at my Dress Diary.

Dress Diary

The colours and embellishment in this work so well - it's a very beautiful corset.
Gorgeous, I really love the imagery too <3
What a great set of photos! So pretty and still edgy.
Thanks guys - I really enjoyed working on this project and am so glad I chivvied myself into getting it done;)
This is really unusual, it almost looks like tin foil. You've created a fabulous effect with the fabric and embellishment which raises a simple patent to something really striking.
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