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Clair Obscur



The theme Intersection of Light, Black and White inspired me a lot and I had several projects in mind, like for example constructing a corset made of intertwined black and white satin ribbons that would look like a chessboard, working with different shades going from white to black all around the corset, draping a muslin alternating white and black parts, or working with a sheer fabric and add a few black and white ornementations here and there that would look just like they were tattooed on the model’s skin.

In the end, though, I decided to go for quite a classic white corset covered with black lace. Not much new there... except that I inserted LEDs between the different layers of the corset. The lights switch on and off in white following a pattern programed through a processor sewn at the back of the corset, hidden between two layers of fabric. When the wearer spins on herself an accelerometer switches the lights pattern to a red wave of light following the direction of the movement.

Working with electronic components is an idea that was playing in my head since I heard a talk about innovative decoration in corsetry by Barbara Pesendorfer at the Oxford Conference of Corsetry. This theme seemed to be the perfect opportunity to take the first step into electronic corsetry.

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  That's real modern corsetry! I love it !  
  This is so cool, I am in awe. And the video really drives home how cool this is, with it showing the lacing and turning on the lights process!  
  Thank you :-)  
  Such a great idea! You should write an article about it!!! I just love it!!  
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