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Winter Rose



Winter Rose is the first official collaboration between Laurie Tavan and myself.

Its inspiration came from a variety of artistic black-and-white images of white roses and the descriptions of the flower garden from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

We started out with an amazing base corset made out of stark white suede and built individual petals of suede, foam and white velvet that had a texture very similar to that of a rose petal.

In accordance with the theme, we really wanted to show the shadowing of the inner layers of petals that you would see you in a real life rose. So we individually painted and feathered black fabric paint to the inside of each petal before the petals were individually hand sewn onto the corset base.

This corset is a great marriage of an avant garde style and red carpet glamour.

We also want to make sure to give a shout out to Laurie's fabulous assistant Breanna Maxine for her help in stitching the finishing details.

Laurie and Jennifer's Dress Diary


  amazing construction!  
  So original design ! Beautiful as a rose !  
  This is such a cool idea, I love it!  
Katrina Sherwood  
  Gorgeous, delicious, dreamy work!  
  Absolutely stunning!  
forge fashion  
  Incredible - love the concept!!!  
  So very avant garde and sculptural. I really see the inspiration images in the final piece. It's a work of art. Truly.  
Jason Silva  
  Beautiful work!!  
  this is wonderful  
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