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Historical pattern challenges are a huge personal interest of mine in corsetmaking, and the Symington Corset Patterns collection release was pure treasure - not only for me, I'm sure. So I'm extremely glad that this year the Competition is based around it. Since one of the contest themes is "Curves All Over" I found an amazing model to work with, who has pretty much outstanding natural shape, and I just tried to make the lines of her body even more dramatic.

A couple of words about construction: I made some alterations to the pattern. April Pullen demonstrated in her article how specific the original silhouette is: low bust, low front bottom line; it seems like this corset needs a special posture and costume for its wearer. So at first I transformed the pattern diagonally a bit to align it and bring some harmony to the side view; I also increased bust coverage and made the waist narrower, cause you know, it's a corset. But in spite of these changes, I preserved all the model lines of the pattern.

Next, the "Intersection of Light". Pictures of sunrise or sunset landscapes, shadows playing in the foliage, the shine of dewdrops - these were the first ideas that I came up with while reading the details of this year's Competition. It's not black and white, it's about dark and light, so be gentle with me! The garment was made from a single layer of herringbone coutil hand dyed in dark green. Unstitched areas were covered with up to four layers of ivory tulle, which gave a gradient effect. I also included a pair of external boning channels made from chocolate silk satin to each side. The pattern of our challenge has quite an interesting flossing design that was really suitable for the nature theme I was attempting to show, so I used two colors of floss and beads for those.

To summarize, I'm quite glad with my curvaceous landscape. I'll definitely return to the Symington patterns in the near future. More pictures of this project can be found at the link below. Thank you!

Olga's Dress Diary


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