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FR 2014 Runner Up!

I love the artist Alfons Mucha, and I wanted to create a corset that would bring to life the magical atmosphere of his work. I also knew that in the beginning of the 20th century, Japan was very fashionable. So I decided to blend these influences in my corset. It is made after the pattern of the 1908 transitional corset. I made some changes to the pattern to make it an overbust. It has three layers: the outer layer in two contrasting cotton fabrics, a layer in cotton coutil and a separate lining layer in satin silk/cotton. There are 12 flat steels and 14 spiral bones, held within boning casings (twill tape). I sewed an antique golden lace along the top edge by hand. It was the first time I worked with real corset coutil, and it was great! The corset is comfortable and it gives me the figure I wanted. I also created the headdress and the necklace.

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Ségolène Bonnet Ségolène Bonnet Ségolène Bonnet Ségolène Bonnet Ségolène BonnetSégolène Bonnet

Ségolène Bonnet

2 Ségolène Bonnet

  Ooh, the fit is beautiful...  
Laurie Tavan  
  This is such lovely fabrics and trim, very stunning and perfectly fit!  
  I love Mucha as well!! Wonderful representation! !! It is beautiful  
Cecilia Brown  
  lol This is beautiful! one of the best fits I've seen and your construction is gorgeous! Besides, the red and lace are fabulous together! It's so pretty, I want one for myself!  
  It looks so dreamy and bohemian <3 I love it!  
  Thank you so much for your comments ! smile I worked a lot on the fit, I'm glad you like it !  
  Perfect shaping and it definitely gets your theme across! Thank you for providing the close-up detail photos to show your amazingly careful stitching and finishing work on this piece.  
  I love the whole ensemble, and I agree with the other comments; the fit is perfect.  
  Ohh... I love the lines of this. The shaping of the top and bottom edges is so lovely.  
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