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Hearts 1: Draping a Pattern

Hearts corsetInterpreting this unusual and sophisticated Edwardian design into a contemporary corset is a wonderful challenge that I am thrilled to share!

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chrissie_nw 14.08.2011 10:12  
Yes No   What an exciting premise to work from, your points on Edwardian corsets are well founded...thinking that the exaggerated s-bend curve of the fashion was as much down to posturing in that manner and extra padding of the bust and bum as the corset itself.  
anthemcorset 04.06.2012 20:49  
Yes No   whow!!! whow!!! from papiermache to pattern making, I like it!!! a real "sculpture" project! can't wait to see where it goes! I quite like the pattern as well, been thinking it would look great on leather... unfortunately I at present I'm not happy with the spine curve of my dummy...hum...  
hyaena 31.03.2014 02:32  
Yes No   I followed the above link for the FR drafting instructions and the link seems to be broken.  
cathyhay 31.03.2014 11:20  
Yes No   Thank you very much for the heads up! The link is now fixed - and  
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