Hearts corsetInterpreting this unusual and sophisticated Edwardian design into a contemporary corset is a wonderful challenge that I am thrilled to share!

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What an exciting premise to work from, your points on Edwardian corsets are well founded...thinking that the exaggerated s-bend curve of the fashion was as much down to posturing in that manner and extra padding of the bust and bum as the corset itself.
whow!!! whow!!! from papiermache to pattern making, I like it!!! a real "sculpture" project! can't wait to see where it goes! I quite like the pattern as well, been thinking it would look great on leather... unfortunately I at present I'm not happy with the spine curve of my dummy...hum...
I followed the above link for the FR drafting instructions and the link seems to be broken.
Thank you very much for the heads up! The link is now fixed - and you can find the instructions here.
Hello! I very much enjoyed the in-depth article and I'm eager to try this corset. I'm curious - what are the sizes of your mannequin? B-W-H and front length from bust to hip if you happen to have it. Thanks very much in advance!
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