Hearts 2: Pattern in 3D

Hearts Corset Patent, 1906

Re-creating a real Edwardian corset pattern for a modern body, using antique drafting books to find elusive clues.

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  Fantastic article, again!
Some very interesting points, especially those regarding posture constraints. This project just moved up to the top of my to do list, it looks amazing. I want one :P
  You're awesome Jenni! I think experimenting w/some Edwardian patterns is on my to-do list now. Esp. since I finally got my custom Edwardian dressform! I want to call her "Lucy," as in the evolution of (wo)mankind b/c of the posture difference :-D ! You've done such hard work for us, I can't wait to see the toiles!  
  Ooops, sorry, PS! Do you like Doyle's book? Everyone in the corseting community seems to hate it, and though he does draw on Waugh he provides an awful lot of good material. IMHO. What are your thoughts?  
  It's interesting comparing the two different patterns. In the end, even when working from a block you basically end up draping by drawing the pattern pieces on a body. I'm putting my vote in for a toile on the model only, designed for Edwardian posture, because what it really comes down to how the corset pattern of that time works on a real body. Can't wait to see what you come up with!  
  Thanks ladies :-D

Laura: absolutely! I still think we should explore this corset further by having a whole host of people making it in their own unique ways!

BurlesqueCorset : EvoLucy, eh? Brilliant! You should certainly play with draping Edwardian designs, it's good fun and highly educational. And yes, I really love "Waisted Efforts". In my opinion, there are so few of them that by default *any* book on corsetry is a wonderful thing. The only problem is the price it's currently available at and how scarce it is... otherwise I would say that everyone should have a copy! The online corsetry community is a small place with big personalities, but don't be afraid of going against the grain by voicing your own opinions ;-)
  Jo: yes, I think that is going to be the most popular option, so I will probably break it up into two more articles. Pushing the body into that posture is new to me and whether it is something one would actually use for the client is not the point... the point is that we'll learn something! But we'll have to wait until the vote comes in ;-)

Speaking of which, many thanks to those of you that have voted so far! We all want our articles to be useful, so do let us know which way you'd like to see them go :-)
  Genius, Jenni, I think we should collect together at least three of us (if not five or more) to have a go, totally independently, and see what we all come up with. I'm certainly tempted. 8-)  
  Definitely! I imagine that everyone who likes the look of the design has already dreamt up the colours and fabrics they would use, and thought about how they would construct it...

It would certainly be very interesting to see how differently they all turned out :-)
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