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Branding for Corsetmakers 1

Figure 1: Your brand is your mark. The certain something that makes your work recognisably yours.Your brand is your mark, something that makes your work recognisably yours. At its best, your work should subtly convey your mark with concision and clarity. 

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liten_sak 12.07.2011 08:11  
Yes No   Lots of great and inspirational words. Thank you for this! *going to update my webpage*  
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ista 13.07.2011 14:06  
Yes No   I like the fish too, they're a bit sparkly.  
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juliab 14.07.2011 08:19  
Yes No   Fabulous article as ever Jenni, and very timely for me! Can't wait till the next installment. :)  
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CrikeyAphrodite 15.07.2011 18:46  
Yes No   Excellent article, certainly got me thinking about a few things.
I particularly agree with those quotes ;)
(you'll get my bill in August)
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charlybu 19.07.2011 20:43  
Yes No   Thank you for this incredibly timely article!  
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dcollington 29.07.2011 20:37  
Yes No   This is very welcome as I am in the process of redoing all of my branding, website etc. Thank you very much.  
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atelierlafleur 23.01.2013 08:45  
Yes No   What a wonderful article! So thoughtfully written.  
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