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Branding for Corsetmakers 2

Branding for Corsetmakers: Part 2: Communicating Your BrandCommunicating your brand: more on getting your message across, for corsetmakers who want to earn their own money from their work.


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CrikeyAphrodite 16.08.2011 00:28  
Yes No   Good points on the logo design. Always, always check your logo works in mono and is legible down to small sizes. And never use all upper case in script or fancy fonts. :)  
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sparklewren 16.08.2011 18:08  
Yes No   Another good point on logo design, thanks Alison!  
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juliab 16.08.2011 18:27  
Yes No   Great article as usual ... when talking about 'fans' in the social media section do you mean focus on 'quality not quantity'?  
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sparklewren 16.08.2011 19:05  
Yes No   Haha! Yes Julia, you are quite right! [Rushes off to email the editor...] ;-)  
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blackvelvet 16.08.2011 20:08  
Yes No   Great article. I love how you share all this information to let us all become better buisiness women.  
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dcollington 16.08.2011 20:19  
Yes No   Oh dear. I have just redone my logo and it is in upper case, in a fancy font. Oops. I wanted a nice Art Nouveau look to it. There will be simpler versions of it though, depending on the media it is printed on.  
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sparklewren 16.08.2011 20:31  
Yes No   Thanks blackvelvet! It was the advice and support of friends like yourself that gave me the confidence to really go for it in the first place, so it's only right that I share in return. Karmic corsetmaking... ;-)  
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sparklewren 16.08.2011 20:35  
Yes No   dcollington, not to worry! My first logo ideas were *very* ornate and all in upper case too. I had dreams of one day having a shop with a gorgeous wrought-iron Art Nouveau style name above it, gorgeous... It was only with the input from a graphic designer friend that I realised it perhaps wasn't the most practical choice for where I am now.

But hey, as I say in all these articles, take the guidance available and then follow your own instincts. Bucking the trend may work out brilliantly for you and you can always have variations on your logo for different applications :-)
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CrikeyAphrodite 16.08.2011 23:14  
Yes No   Debbie, I've seen yours. It's a clear enough font to get away with it so don't worry. Some of those At Nouveau ones work fine, think of the classic metro sign. It's really script, handwritten and gothic looking fonts that cause problems. It's a legibility thing, the eye isn't comfortable reading some fonts in a string of upper case. The one I've seen most frequently misused is Brush stroke.
Aghh this is when I can't shake off the graphic designer hat! :)
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beautoner 17.08.2011 02:07  
Yes No   I was going to ask about the impact on your brand you observed when you were able to implement the/your style of imagery that strikes me as rather "signature" to your brand and how much of the end result was collaborative or personal/individual... But it seems that question will have to wait until after reading article three. (Thanks, I'm looking forward to it!)  
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