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Long Distance Corsetry

Long Distance CorsetryMany corsetmakers accept long distance orders. Is it a good idea? Jenni explores the benefits and pitfalls, and offers tips and advice.

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Yes No   I totally agree with your proportion section. I've found being able to pad up a mannequin to closely replicate a figure from a combination of measurements and eye is invaluable. It's the same principle as transferring their likeness to paper. You're looking and copying and absorbing their shape all the time.

The other point I'd add to your list of things (and not just for distance) is trust yourself. The times I've looked at marks on a toile and then chickened out of taking as much out as marked only to find I should've believed the original mark.
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Yes No   Oooh! so timely!!! I was going to write in and ask for an article on distance fitting :). Just about to send a couple of toiles to Italy for some practice distance fitting so this is really helpful to me. Thanks Jenni and FR.  
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Yes No   I agree! Great timing!

I just completed a project for a relative three time zones away and I must say that I was very happy with the process of doing the fittings via Video Chat but I certainly learned some important details for "next time".

Create the toile with high contrast materials! You can't control the lighting on the other end of the video and trying to see smaller areas of detail (bumps, ripples, peaks, tight spots) is nearly impossible on a dark material in low light. I sent a black toile and had a very hard time seeing where the boning and seams were laying on the body. (actually, I couldn't see it all.)

The time difference can be a challenge as well. Late for them, early for you or vice versa.

On the positive side, it is really great to be able to see that they are marking or looking closely at elements you are asking them to. That does give a comfort level when the toile comes back marked up for more adjusting or finishing.

Thanks Jenni!
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Yes No   These are such simple tips, but so true. I used to respond within seconds to every email - this resulted in a barrage of emails getting increasingly more aggressive and threatening over the course of 48 hours I could not reach my computer which were rather awkward to respond to, with something along the lines of "sorry, I was away, shall I just ignore the last few emails?"
It's amazing how we respond based on things like this :)
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Yes No   Really great tips, thank you! In terms of dealing with clients, I have that part well-practiced, as I am a graphic designer, but looking forward into the future I've considered doing custom corsetry from a distance and one of the biggest questions I had was how to get a good fit from afar. Thanks for the information :)  
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