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Wrinkle Free Gores & Gussets

gores-gussets-iconMany makers find inserting gores and gussets tricky. Two easy step-by-step techniques that will insert bust gores and gussets neatly, producing a nice crisp V shape at the bottom.

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anne_clare 16.03.2010 23:14  
Yes No   Thank you so much for this article. My very first Victorian corset will have both gussets and gores and this will help me a lot :-D  
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joann999 23.08.2010 06:42  
Yes No   Wow. I think I've wanted to know how to do this for years. Thanks for taking the time to make such a great tutorial.  
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gothlips 26.08.2011 01:27  
Yes No   "12. Run a line of stitching about 3mm (1/8") from the stitch line (on the panel) around the gusset and panel seam."

I can't figure out what that means, are you top stitching along the length of the "Y" seam? Could you explain that in more detail?
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cathyhay 15.10.2012 11:33  
Yes No   Hi, this step is just asking you to stitch around the gusset next to the seam line, in order to sew the seam allowance down neatly and, more importantly, to reinforce the strength of the seam.  
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aitchlight 09.11.2011 10:08  
Yes No   This is a great article, I am referring to it over and over while I try to get the hang of inserting bust gores. Practice will make perfect, eventually (I hope!)  
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josedano 11.10.2012 23:38  
Yes No   idon't understand the last step, why do you stitch on the gore or gussets 3/8th of inch on the gore or gusset?  
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cathyhay 15.10.2012 11:31  
Yes No   Hi Jose, that last step stitches the seam allowance down and helps to reinforce the seam.  
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