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How to make a corset - click here for more


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Corsetmaking Tips & Techniques

Tool Time Mark dishes out some helpful hints and tools for corset making, including a faster way of cording, plus bone tipping and eyelet reinforcement.


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sara 12.11.2011 16:28  
Yes No   Mark, I wish you would produce another article for us EVERY DAY ! I never cease to be amazed at the depth of your knowledge as well as you ability to translate this into things with such wide applicability for those who do not have industrial machines and resources. Your ability to write clearly and educate the reader is also not to be denied. As anyone who knows my profile will tell you, I rarely sew corsets per se, but use the techniques I learn here on other garments (including bras, slips, and outerwear) Keep up the good work, and thank you very much..  
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ali_mart 12.11.2011 18:15  
Yes No   I love the idea about making your own cording needle! While I haven't made one for myself, I've found that long (as in several, several inches long), wide eyed upholstery needles can easily accommodate the thick yarns in the same way.  
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sara 13.11.2011 01:01  
Yes No   I thought of this possibility of using the extremely long (I am talking about 8 to 10 inches long) upholstery needles for this purpose. Mark, do you think this length of 8 to 10 inches is insufficient ? You perhaps have the experience to know that a certain minimum length of needle is most easily used.  
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marianne 13.11.2011 09:10  
Yes No   I love the ingenuity and DIY spirit of this article! Fabulous.  
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lynnevv 13.11.2011 19:13  
Yes No   Thank You so much, Mark...bravo!  
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iamari 28.08.2012 17:06  
Yes No   The heat shrink tubing has been *amazing* and a wonderful tip. Tipping fluid always gave me intense migraines. I've also found it works wonderful on spring steels too.  
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