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Jenni Hampshire

© Jenni Hampshire


The corsets shown here trace the development and refinement of a couple of key themes in my work. Namely, sweetheart shaping and "V" shaped lace placement.

Looking at Titanic era corsets such as this piece in LaraCorset's online museum, you can see a touch of sweetheart shaping to both the front bustline and the upper back (a detail which became signature to my work over a year ago). This is the main detail that I have taken from these extant corsets as I find it endlessly beautiful. The shaping of my pieces are generally much curvier than Titanic era corsetry, closer to Edwardian or turn of the century pieces' shaping, whilst the lace placement is often a time-consuming exaggeration of the "V" shapes created by deep lace trims gathered into place on sweetheart Edwardian corsets such as this one. I also liked how many of the antiques had lace trims that overlapped the top edge, and so I worked that into some of my designs (for example, the blue piece here) using a narrow metallic trim in gold.

I've included two corsets in my entry, one of which also ties into my 1912 Experienced costume entry at Your Wardrobe Unlock'd. The first is a powder blue overbust with layered gold and black lace (carefully cut and hand-appliqued to emphasise the "V" of the torso and the fullness of the hips). The second piece is a champagne pink plunge midbust with black lace and swarovski crystals (placed to mirror the sweetheart shaping and "V" torso). Both featured pale colouring, which, whilst quite contemporary, is also reminiscent of some extant bridal corsets. For me, being inspired by historical corsets and dress is really about cherry-picking those details that interest me most and running with them. So these are not "titanic era corsets"... they are contemporary corsets with a grounding in historical reference points.

© Jenni Hampshire © Jenni Hampshire
© Jenni Hampshire © Jenni Hampshire
© Jenni Hampshire © Jenni Hampshire
© Jenni Hampshire

beespoke 24.02.2012 16:34  
Stunning Yes No   Jenni,

Two words: Stunning and Extraordinary

You are an inspiration and a wonderful artist of whom I aspire. Lace, full boning, crystals. Such time and love must have gone into the design and construction. Truly remarkable. P.S. Love the packaging. Very elegant.
illustrious_cre 24.02.2012 16:57  
Yes No   I couldn't agree more will Jill's comment, you always seem to take ideas that are simple and beautiful in their own right and then just transform them into breathtaking pieces of art, pushing the boundaries in corsetry and setting the benchmark, its so exciting to see your work.  
karlsberg 24.02.2012 18:18  
Yes No   That shape is simply amazing! The details are outstanding.  
Angela Stringer 24.02.2012 21:50  
Beautiful Yes No   Just exsquisite, youre work never fails to take my breath away. I dont think im the only corsetmaker that aspires to your level of passion and talent.
I love the idea of spending hours and hours handsewing antique lace such as this, and the shape of the blue one, just like your cranberry corset is phenomenal.
tielke 25.02.2012 10:48  
Yes No   the shapes are wonderful and it looks so luxurious :)  
dhendrick 25.02.2012 15:12  
Yes No   Such stunning detail and extreme curves. I think the historic influence shines through, while producing a breathtaking modern corset. I can only imagine what it must be like to open that box and see such beauty, and know it's all for you. Amazing work!  
mala_14 25.02.2012 22:34  
Yes No   Absolutely gorgeous! I love the dramatic shaping. And the embellishments are so decadent looking. Fantastic work!  
aitchlight 25.02.2012 22:43  
Yes No   I love the lace, the dramatic curves, the sparkle! Love it all!  
sparklewren 29.02.2012 13:49  
Thank you Yes No   Thanks for your kind comments lovely people, they are much appreciated <3

I do indeed love spending time on embellishment, it's possibly my favourite part of the process. I'm glad you like the glimpse of the packaging too!
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