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Tielke Uvin

© Tielke Uvin

1912 Underwear

My idea for this year’s DPP was rather ambitious: I wanted to do three complete outfits that would represent different types of people, and different types of dress that you could see at a garden party or a grand dinner, for example. The original plan was to do dress and underwear for a “Lady of the House”, an artistically-minded young girl, and a servant girl. My cousin, who’s quite arty, liked the idea and created some designs, and what I ended up making is inspired by her drawings.

As it turns out the plan was a little too ambitious, so not everything got finished. The artistic girl’s underwear is limited to a pair of combinations, but considering the type of dress she wears and her figure, she may not need a lot more. The combinations were made from a very light cotton I found in the bargain section of the fabric shop. I drafted the pattern from Frances Grimble’s The Edwardian Modiste and inserted some lace into the trousers and the top.

For the “Lady” I made a cotton chemise, also drafted from Grimble’s book, and finished with lace insertion. I took the sleeve caps from another pattern in Grimble’s book. The drawers are from Folkwear’s Edwardian Underthings pattern and are in a light cotton. Here, too, I added some lace insertion and a ribbon bow at the sides. I dyed the lace with tea to darken the original cream colour and make it work better with the gold-ish bow.

The corset was made from Reconstructing History’s 1910s Corset pattern. The fabric for this must be the cheapest corset fabric I’ve ever used: it’s two sofa pillow covers from Ikea, which I cut open. The covers came from the bargain bin and were just €1 each! The corset is boned with light steels, but has a wide, heavy busk. The boning channels are strips of coutil. I used corset hooks and eyes at the bottom and inserted them between the front panel and the busk facing. It was my first time fitting a corset on somebody with actual curves, and though the fit is far from perfect, I’m happy with it.

More pictures on my blog

© Tielke Uvin © Tielke Uvin
© Tielke Uvin © Tielke Uvin
© Tielke Uvin © Tielke Uvin
© Tielke Uvin © Tielke Uvin
© Tielke Uvin © Tielke Uvin

galadriel 24.02.2012 17:45  
Yes No   What a unique idea :) I love the blue combinations, they're stunning :)  
dhendrick 25.02.2012 15:15  
Yes No   I love all the dainty details and lace insertion. Just beautiful. The corset has lovely sleek lines, too. Good work!  
mala_14 25.02.2012 22:38  
Yes No   Beautiful lace insertion! The underwear is all so pretty and feminine. What a great attention to detail! Your corset looks like the sister to mine: same colours! I really admire the sheer quantity of work you've done. It's amazing!  
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