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Michelle Bossert (2)

© Michelle Bossert

1912 Corset Intermediate Entry

I had the pleasure of writing an article for Foundations working through the process of taking a corset patent from picture to wearable garment. It had its challenges but I certainly learned a lot along the way, and in the end I felt the corset was worth submitting.

Made in a white satin spotted cotton reminiscent of coutil, with a lace trim and satin bow along the top bustline. Simple and elegant.

Best of luck to all my fellow competitors!

© Michelle Bossert © Michelle Bossert
© Michelle Bossert
© Michelle Bossert
© Michelle Bossert

dhendrick 25.02.2012 14:58  
Yes No   I think you did a great job of working on a challenging project. I love seeing a project where someone learned a lot, and you got the overall shape and style of this corset just right.  
mala_14 25.02.2012 18:38  
Yes No   I love the pink lining! It's so cute. And the bows on the garters are really pretty too!  
galadriel 29.02.2012 22:13  
Yes No   This is a really cute corset and I think of all the entries in this category this look most like a genuine teens era piece. I love the colour of the lining, too :)  
michaldesigns 02.03.2012 15:38  
Yes No   Thanks everyone! The lining was really a fluke! It was all i had left in my stash that was even remotely appropriate- glad its been so well recieved!  
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