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Case Study: Joëlle of Atelier Sylphe

 Atelier Sylphe InterviewJoëlle of Atelier Sylphe isn't an easy corsetiere to categorize; blending historical corsets with modern styling, and mixing with a touch of whimsy.

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I love Joëlle works! :-D
Many compliments for the article :-)
  Atelier Sylphe makes some of the most beautiful, creative corsetry around. I find her truly inspiring and have admired her for a long time.  
  Joëlle is my great inspiration!
I am a big fan of all the works and hope to 'free my mind' one day to the extend Joëlle did! :-)
  Exhaustive and extensive work with patterning, and so beautiful. One of my greatest influences! Thank-you, Joëlle, for the patterns you offer and for all that you've added to the community in the last several years.  
Joëlle Verne  
Many thanks for this kind words, take them as
inducement to continue a bit.
Hope i will get some time for new patterns too soon.
All the very best on your side.

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Marion McNealy

Marion McNealy

Marion McNealy is Editor for Foundations Revealed. She also takes care of all the technical details behind the scenes for both our websites.

Marion loves teaching others to draft their own patterns and explore new ideas. She has a serious weakness for the straight front corsets and beautiful flossing designs of the late Victorian age.

Marion hails from the United States, but currently lives with her very patient husband and son in Germany.

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