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Hearts 5: Possibilities

Hearts Corset Patent, 1906Jenni shows off her final Hearts corset and draws some conclusions. She includes some details on fitting and adapting corsets for asymmetrical bodies.

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  What a fascinating read. Thank you for giving us such an in-depth look into your thinking through this project! I find it encouraging that we might be able to use a pattern we are already familiar with and literally 'draw' a new design onto it - very inspiring and less daunting!  
  I'd love to see you do this design multi-colored. I adore the subtleness of the all pink but am just imagining all the possibilities!  
  You opted not to add any shaping on the center heart, but I've wondered since the beginning of this series whether it would be beneficial to do so. Bust shaping could be very easily added at that seam; the effect would be (from flat-patterning) of slashing the bust area vertically in several places and spreading them to create fullness above while leaving the bottom (heart seam) edge the same length. Especially if the heart were put in a little lower, so its top edge was right at or just above the underbust, some reasonably effective bust shaping could be produced, at least from where I'm standing.  
  Wow. Exhaustive. This project provided a great deal of potential options for patterning and shaping. Your persistence is admirable in general, and has produced some gorgeous results!  
  Thanks everyone, glad you're enjoying it.

Laurie, I agree. I was so frightened of overdoing it, hence the single pale colour, but I may take it forward differently if I get the chance. I'm less afraid of overdoing things now :-)

Bookwyrm, you may be right. If you get a chance to give it a go let FR know! I suppose if one wanted more of a dip beneath the bust that could work very nicely, though it still won't help the upper section curve back over the bust (and I always worry about strong shaping beneath the bust if your seams won't let you curve back over it, that whole "shelf" issue)... We should try it out on a midbust for someone with a very large cup size, as that substantial difference between under-bust and full-bust might be where that approach could be wonderfully useful :-)
  I've been looking forward to seeing the finished corset from this patent. Wow. Those curved seams have blown me away. Your technique of marking the seam line by stitching without thread is something I'll definitely put to use on intricately curved seams. Great idea.  
  Jenni, your articles are always so brilliant and helpful. I enjoy so much reading them and I love the way you learn from errors and you explain it extensively in the article. That way I think it's much easier for other people to imagine what not to do.
This whole hearts project must have been a great challenge and I think the results are brilliant! Good luck on your next projects!
  Jo, thanks! Can't wait to see the gusseted piece you're currently working on for the blog :-)  
  sartorbohemia - Thank you, I really appreciate knowing that these articles (mistakes, crazy ideas, experiments and all!) are useful and interesting for the readers.

Just wait till you see the next one ;-)
  Really beautiful corset Jenni, although as with all perfectionists the criticisms you have of your final product will lead to huge improvements.
It's so refreshing to see such honesty in an article, of the pit falls and highs of your process, I have learnt so much just reading your articles and feel inspired myself to try more complex pattern cutting concepts.
  Very interesting! Thanks for generously sharing all the progress, thoughts, insights! You mention using a strength layer under the pink satin coutil; with all those tight curves, could you run into some unpleasant shifting of layers? Compensating for turn of cloth with layers is easy in a vertically seamed garment, but I can imagine it would be difficult in a very curvy set of pieces.  
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