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icon-smLowana shares the results of her experiment to test a 1911 Edwardian cupped corset pattern as drafted by CAD software.

icon free smBarbara Pesendorfer, of Royal Black, shares her secret techniques to getting a super smooth outer finish on fabric or PVC using roll pinning.

icon-smLisa takes on a corsetry challenge and shows us how she created a beautiful quick-change garment for the burlesque stage, including an integrated corset.

icon-smBarbara guides us through the process of making a mock-up, and doing fittings and adjustments, for cupped corsets.

icon-smMay continues her discussion by showing us how to apply the invisible method of boning construction to this beautiful plunge-neck corset dress.

icon-smIzabela delves into the making of this modern corset using sheer and synthetic whalebone to achieve a dramatic Gothic, or maybe even ‘cyberpunk’, look.

Cupped corsetsRoyal Black shares secrets of creating cupped corsets, using a standard overbust corset pattern & well fitting ready-to-wear bra.

icon free smKim discusses the Welt Seam or Folded Seam method of corset construction, which is quick, precise, and produces a very durable corset.

icon-smUsing what we learned in her Shouldered Corset Torso Block article, Marianne now shows us how to mock-up, fit and pattern a shirtwaist corset bodice.

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