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icon-smBarbara explains ways of creating a push-up overbust corset, including important parameters that influence the position of the bust and how to modify them.

icon-smJenni constructs a simple Broche corset to help explore and understand the six rules of good corsetry.

Crystal Whistlejacket cincherGot a small remnant of beautiful, rare or expensive fabric? Want to try something new - like a hand-quilted motif? Feature it on a petite cincher!

icon-smJenni finishes up her simple broche corset with casings, eyelets and binding.

icon-smAlisha guides us through the project of making a modern underbust mesh summer corset.

icon free smAddressing issues on the positioning of boning channels, discussing the reasons for boning a corset, and providing ideas for experimentation.

icon free smIn this free article, professional corsetmaker and owner of Sparklewren Bespoke Corsetry gives us a solid foundation overview of how to make a corset.

Tool Time Mark dishes out some helpful hints and tools for corset making, including a faster way of cording, plus bone tipping and eyelet reinforcement.


icon free smLots of people have asked how to get perfectly straight and even boning channels. Here are a few tips and tricks that'll help you tame unruly stitching.

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