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icon free smWhat makes a corset, a corset? Jenni shares her basic six rules of "good" contemporary Victorian corsetry.

Modern Corsets Inspired by the Past by Sannie van der HorstAs modern corsetmakers we are all inspired by the past. Sannie shows how historical examples can inspire your way of making corsets.

icon smNow that we have a fully fitted mockup, Barbara guides us through the process of making the final corset with wired cups.

icon smLittle things make all the difference. Sara shows us five tricks that are often overlooked, but can make a big impact in our work!

Corsetry for Larger Women by Rosie DenningtonHeaven forbid we have to design or cut for a waist over 26”. As the body gets fatter, it becomes impossible to work with, right? Wrong.

icon smSergei introduces the modern world of integrated corsetry, its origins, and the advantages of merging the corset and fashion layers.

icon smMarta sets out to compare multiple layered and stitched, steel boned 'modern' construction to the 'old' methods.

icon smNikki helps us identify different seam types and how (or how not) to use them in your corsetry creations.

icon smLowana shares the final results of her experiment to test a 1911 Edwardian cupped corset pattern as drafted by CAD software.

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