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Regency Stays 1790-1820, part 1

Young woman in her boudoir, 1829.Wendy analyzes over 80 stays from 1790-1829 for fiber, colour, weave, length, opening placement, shoulder treatment, bust shaping, boning or cording.

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corsetra 05.07.2011 17:07  
Yes No   The c1800 stays from the Ohio Historical Society
are actually 1830's according to their website.!horizon&view=subscriptionsummary&uri=full=3100001~!178553~!32&ri=4&aspect=subtab73&menu=search&ipp=20&spp=20&staffonly=&term=corset&index=.MG&uindex=&aspect=subtab73&menu=search&ri=4
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chocolatepot 05.07.2011 22:04  
Yes No   Great analysis! The only trouble is that, as you mentioned, the museum dates aren't always correct - while I generally trust 1810-1820 dates, I'm not so sure that a lot of the ones that are dated earlier are correct.

Thank you for all those links to specific stays, though! Especially the so-called Kent State short stays: I hadn't been able to find a picture since the one on the KSU site was taken down.
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ista 08.07.2011 09:52  
Yes No   The OHS date of 1830s isn't necessarily right either. I'm not saying it's earlier than that but there aren't clear enough photos to be 100% certain.

One thing I've learned from looking at all the ones I could find is that museum dating isn't always accurate. The Philadelphia museum has stays dated 1810-1830, and personally I'm convinced they're no earlier than 1830 due to the depth of the gussets.
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bookwyrm 11.07.2011 21:12  
Yes No   Three more for you, from an online Italian source:

I've always wanted to duplicate this very simple short stays:

And two long stays, one brown an one white:

This overview is fantastic! Thank you very much!
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bookwyrm 11.07.2011 21:15  
Yes No   Oh, sorry, there's a little information on those stays on the main display page, almost all the way to the bottom:  
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granate 20.09.2011 14:43  
Yes No   Thank you so much for this article, so many links and photos, so much good thought put into it! I really appreciate it.  
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