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icon-smRachel talks us through her journey to re-create this late-Victorian corset, which is ideal for 'well endowed' ladies with a curvy, hourglass figure.

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I love your enthusiasm and this is a wonderfully informative article. Thank you!
oh yesss! I also have Corel draw, I only use it to cut/resize pictures....

But now ! You open the door of so mannnnnny possible \o/ !!

And the result il woaaa ! I can't wait to see next step :) !

Hi all,
For a bit more on Corel draw take a look at my article under "corset patterns" "CAD corset are digitised"
Corset Hugs

This is great! I'm looking forward to seeing your process! Thank you!

I am so excited to see this article published today! On the 19th, my entire town started flooding and all 12,000 occupants evacuated. Unfortunately this means that my studio is probably full of water and other more disgusting stuff that happens during floods.... I hope it is okay, as I am finished the corset, but don't have the final pics yet (I had lined up to do them on Friday...) I have been trying to contact FR but have limited internet... For what it's worth, the corset fit fantasticly and I was so excited to show you!
I hope everything is ok when you get back to the studio!

I have an old corel draw suite I got free as part of some reward programme. I hadn't thought of trying to use it for drafting (no idea why) so I'll have to dig it out and see if it will run on windows 7. I've not had it installed on this laptop before and the previous one I had was XP. So fingers crossed! I'm familiar enough with using it as a programme in general that it might be easier for me to use than some others I was looking at trying.

So thanks for sharing this with us! Very good article! :)

luiza maria de oliveira
Olá, esse artigo q vc ensina e so no programa do computador? Pq quero aprender fazer padrão de espartilhos tradicional ( tipo usar lápis e papel) kk
Olá Luiza! Sim, este artigo usa computadores, mas você pode aprender com lápis e papel usando este tutorial:

[Hi Luiza! Yes, this article uses computers, but you can learn with pencil and paper using this tutorial:]


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