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iconDoris drafts & constructs a simple ribbon corset based on those she studied in part 1, learning about materials & suitable uses of this style.

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I'm wondering actually : why are the ribbon panels always patterned flat ? Why not use the possibility of creating shape with the different pieces of ribbon (cause they are not sewn together and could create curves) ? Do you know from patterns where the ribbon parts are not patterned like a flat piece of fabric (like with different angles to the centre and side panels) ? I wanted to try but failed miserably with satin ribbon (I destroyed the ribbons with my sewing machine...) Perhaps I'll once try again with grosgrain or something similar...
Thank you for asking the questions. What i have found that most of the patterns are made the same way. There was one exeption with the patent i mentioned in the previous article that actually uses pleats to create cheat so that the corset would look like a ribbon pattern.

Some modern corsetiers drape the ribbon on a mannequin. I think one ofthem is Sin and Satin. Some modern versions of ribbon corsets are done in a way that the dont resemble the classical ribbon corset. Gaultier's ribbon corset-dress.

I had the same experience using the satin ribbon. it was to delicate for the machine. one could make ribbbon stripes of a coutil and seall the seams on the sides and use tzhose to make the corset.
personally i dont like to wear ribbon corsets as i prefer plenty of bones all around the corset.

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