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Vintage Pinup Girdle

icon-smAnna introduces us to making our own shapewear - allowing you to create retro-inspired pieces especially designed for and to match special outfits!

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  Speaking from experience as a "sample addict", I've received swatches from both Vena Cava and Sew Curvy and can guanrantee they both stock heavy powermesh, that's suitable for girdle/mesh corsets :) They're both corset stockists after all!

Thanks for the article and sharing your collection with us!
  Thank you for confirming that!
I'm pleased you enjoyed it, I certainly did writing it.
  Fantastic Article Anna, and well timed as i was looking at learning how to make some accessories to go with my corsets :D One question though, as ive never sewn with powermesh (or any very stretchy fabric if im honest!) - is there a specific type of thread you use or is Gutterman 100% Poly sew all (like i use for my corsetry) still okay, i was wondering, due to the stretching needed for the garment, whether a different thread was suitable, or whether the zig-zag stitch negates the need for stretchy thread?  
  I'm glad!
That thread will be perfectly fine, it is the same one as I use. I haven't actually made one using a stretch thread yet, but yes it is the stitches which gives it the ability to stretch
  Hi Anna,
Nice article on girdle making. I take it that the 0.95 in the article is your negative ease stretch factor, 0.95 x body measurement = pattern measurement.
You and others may be interested in looking at the Excel spreadsheet (negease.zip) I have uploaded to the forum (Bras section). It’s a negative ease calculator, you can type in your “skin fit” body measurements in column A and then you test stretch a 20cm x 20cm square of Powernet then type in the stretched measurements (warp and weft directions) in boxes and the body measurements in columns C, D change to the negative ease measurements.
For people who are trying to understand negative ease and its calculations you can take a look at my articles on making a corselet in the Bra making section.

Corset Hugs
  Yes that is what the measurement is for.
Thank you for your comment, it looks very interesting and I shall have to try it out on the next girdle I make!
  Thank you. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Very easy to understand as well.  
  Thank you so much!  
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