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icon smJennifer introduces us to one of the misfits of the corsetry world, the metal corset, which has mysterious roots and purposes.

icon smNow that we have a pattern, Mark takes us through the process of building and finishing these undergarments with legs!

icon smJennie takes us from the African Bush to the modern chiropractor while discussing perfect posture and how corsets can help!

icon smClare test drives a Symington Collection corset pattern that features ten panels, lots of cording and some interesting bust seaming.

icon smSergei introduces the modern world of integrated corsetry, its origins, and the advantages of merging the corset and fashion layers.

icon smAre garments with a crotch difficult to draft? Not really! Mark creates a basic pattern draft that can be adapted into countless underthings. 

icon smJemma McLean discusses her stunning couture work, her "cage" corsets, her inspirations, and some tips for corsetry businesses.

icon smAmber compares the effect of different construction methods and materials on the same body, with ideas on applying this to clients.

icon smThis original 1911 design was styled in the elegant elongated shape of 18th century stays. Doris drafts and tests the pattern.

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