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Our First Members Club Meeting

iconYou've met your fellow Members, and your Mentors have said hello... but what if we could all get together - without the travel expenses?

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The Members' Club and your Mentors

iconBuckle up, place your tray table in an upright position... because this is the week when everything begins to change at FR...

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Bring Back Sewing: Foundations & Wardrobe in 2017

Image © from Sewing With Hooks And Eyes by Lisha Vidler for Your Wardrobe Unlock'dHave you ever had that nagging feeling that you weren't quite living up to your potential? That if you could just get your sh*t together, you could be doing a much better job than this - for yourself, for your sewing, for your employer, for your customers, for your family?

That guilty feeling really sucks, but it's a good sign, because it tends to be followed, sooner or later, by a moment of decision.

Ok. That's it. This is going to change now. It's time...


Celebrating six years of corsets

For six years, Foundations Revealed has been the online home of corsetmaking. Around two thousand makers - some of whom are now household names in our small world, many more of whom are not - have found the Aladdin's Cave they needed to build their sewing skills, cultivate confidence, and in many cases, start an independent career as a professional corsetiere.


Seeking Correspondence Rock Star

corr smAre you an email junkie?

Do you check messages and social media multiple times a day?

Do you love to make people's day?

Then we're looking for you...


The Problem with Bras

How To Make A Bra part 1 at Foundations RevealedFor some women they pinch, they dig in, and they restrict. For others, they cover pathetically without supporting or enhancing at all. The mainstream media may rail against the idea of corsetry, but bras are at least as maddening as corsets ever were.

What's the real problem, and what can you can do about it?


The 10 Best Beginners' Articles at Foundations Revealed

Corset for the fuller bust by Eikhell Corsets at Foundations Revealed

We're noticing a lot of people coming into the crazy world of corsetry lately. Welcome! You're in for a great ride.

I know it can seem daunting at first - you want a good fit, you want a great silhouette, and you want it without the custom price tag, but the learning curve is steep.

You need a place to begin, with clear, concise instructions, and with time and money at a premium, you need to make the best possible use of your limited resources.

To give you a hand, we've picked out the ten best, most useful, most time-and-money saving articles we've got at Foundations Revealed - and most of them are free to view for everyone. Enjoy!


Introducing the Reading List

Foundations Revealed Reading List Feature

Another long-awaited perk for helping us get back on our feet: I'm delighted to introduce the Foundations and Wardrobe Reading List!

Now you will be able to find your favourite Foundations and Wardrobe articles more quickly and easily than ever. Save articles to help you with a project, or as a list of references to help you learn a technique - and unlike your browser bookmarks, when the site gets overloaded with new content and we re-organise things, these links won't break.


We are almost saved! (Here's a special thank you treat!)

Symington's Flossing Sampler, (c) Leicestershire County Council Museum Services

A month ago I posted a call for help, and you answered. In just four weeks, we have jumped from 508 to 720 members - I think we are going to make it!

There's still more to do - we still need help to be able to move forward, keep improving and not grow stagnant. But there's time for that - and in the meantime, we're preparing a very special treat as a big "thank you" from us.


Rebuilding the Art of Corsetmaking: A Letter

1878 Fanning Corset PatentAs we continue to rebuild our membership numbers, I want to share the letter I pull out to re-inspire me when times are hard. Do you think we're delivering on the potential that Joann foresaw in our early days?

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